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Project description

The project titled "Local development of Hrubieszów – from participation to implementation” financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism assumes:

  • developing of an "open governance" strategy at the Hrubieszow City Hall,
  • developing a procedure for monitoring and evaluation of strategic policies and a system of strategic risk management,
  • establishing bilateral cooperation in selected thematic areas and conducting study visits within their scope,
  • establishing bilateral cooperation with the City of Elverum,
  • creation and construction of the Creative Center for Education and Economic Cooperation,
  • establishment of a ConceptLab workshop and holding periodic classes for young people in the following areas: programming and design; creative Lego blocks and robotics; Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of All Things (IoE),
  • creation of an environmental EcoLab and the purchase of colorful crayon-shaped containers for waste segregation,
  • development of Hrubieszów's tourist offer by developing a concept for the development of a network tourist product, developing and releasing a publication on historic Hrubieszów (including its underground), and developing an audio guide and walking map of tourist attractions in the center of Hrubieszów,
  • creation of an interactive exhibition dedicated to famous inventors associated with the Hrubieszów area,
  • creation of the Daily Care Centre for Senior Citizens,
  • arrangement of urban space and its adaptation to the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities through the creation of the Communication Center of the City of Hrubieszów, development and printing of the Monograph titled: "Home and Garden in the Landscape of Hrubieszów - History, Tradition, Spirit of Place. Part I", the development and printing of the Monograph titled: "Home and Garden in the Landscape of Hrubieszów - Design in Accordance with Tradition. Part II" and the development of a Catalogue of design concepts for detached houses and homesteads in garden settings "Hrubieszów house and garden with a climate".

The main goal of the project is to achieve sustainable socio-economic development of the town through an efficient and complete administration of the city, which would be open to progress.

The project is scheduled for completion in April 2024.